Dining Table –> Patio Table

The other day, I was complaining to my Uncle M that I could not find a solidly-constructed patio table – all the ones I come across seem rickety and expensive. He suggested that I just buy a round dining table and use that as a patio table. I’d never considered using “inside furniture” outdoors, because I figured it would get ruined in the elements. But the reality is that most of the official “outdoor furniture” I’ve had over the years has gotten pretty battered by the elements. I decided that as long as I could find something cheap that wasn’t anything special or heirloom-quality, I would go for it. So John and I popped into the local thrift store today. We found this table for $18 and brought it right home.

It’s nothing special – the top is just veneered plywood – but it’s the perfect size and it’s very sturdy. In its current form, it doesn’t exactly make my heart flutter. I think a little paint will improve things considerably. Still, I decided I’d rather have a functional seating area on my deck now than wait until I had the time to spiff it up. I busted out the drill and drilled a hole for an umbrella right in the middle.

Fifteen minutes later, I had my legs propped up on our DIY patio table and was very happily reading my new-to-me gardening book. By the way, I paid $2.50 for the 1961 edition of this book, but it sells used on Amazon for about the same price as our table! You can borrow it for free at Open Library.

Speaking of DIY, I guess at some point I could repair or replace our broken sun umbrella, but a quick fix with a spring clamp we had lying around is working so well that I don’t think I’ll even bother. 🙂

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