Tent Trailer Packing List

John and I both grew up camping, and it’s still one of our favorite things to do. Some of the best, most relaxing times we’ve had together have been when we’ve gone out camping for a week or two. Until recently, we tent-camped. We would gather all of our camping gear, shoe-horn it into the back of John’s truck, head out, unpack everything, and then pack it all back up when we were ready to move to the next spot. It took hours and was a huge production. When we decided to buy our tent trailer a year and a half ago, the main reason was that it would make it easier to get out and go camping, because we could keep the trailer stocked with all of our camping gear. I admit that a comfier bed was a real bonus for me, too!

Having the trailer really has made it easier to head out on our camping adventures. We have pretty much everything we need in the trailer, and just have to pack food, clothes, drinks, and campfire stuff. Following the lead of John’s Mom, who uses an extensive array of lists to pack for her frequent trips, I made a packing list of everything we stock in the trailer. Here’s the basic layout of our tent trailer (click to enlarge):

Trailer Packing List
I’m including a few Amazon links so you know what I’m talking about, but they aren’t affiliate links.*

Entry Cabinet
Small Level (To level the trailer when we set up.)
Spare Batteries
Baby Wipes
Shop Towels
Whisk Broom
Trailer Hitch and Lock
Shims (Also to level the trailer, if needed.)

Cookware Box
We love to cook good food when we camp. We almost never cook camping classics like burgers and hot dogs, though.
Pasta Pot and Lid
Skillet and Lid
Set of 3 Nested Pots/Lids (My old backpacking set, this brand.)
Small Mixing Bowl
Silicone Measuring Cup
6 Plates
6 Bowls
6 Glasses
1 Mug (For me. John doesn’t drink hot beverages.)
2 Wooden Spoons
Pasta Scoop
2 Skewers
Chef’s Knife
Cutting Board
Paper Plates and Bowls
Extension Cord (We keep this by the cookware box for the rare cases when we have hookups.)

Dish Pan and Drain
These go on the floor, and we keep stuff in them.
Place Mats
Dish Towel
Straw Trivet
Dr. Bronner’s Soap
Spray Cleaner
SPF 15 Lotion (Multipurpose!)

Bedding #1
For our bed.
Towels and Washcloths
Comforter and Cover
Spare Blanket
Indian Bedspread (This is my all-time favorite hot weather bedding. It’s very loosely-woven cotton. So light and cool.)

Trash Can

Can Opener
Bottle/Wine Opener
Pot Gripper (For backpacking pots/pans.)
A Variety of Knives
Clothespins (To hang clothes/towels on the awning, and to close the curtains fully.)
Lantern Mantels (We don’t take our lantern very often, but we stock these in case we do.)

Trash Bags
Rubber Gloves
Playing Cards

First Aid Kit
Bug Repellent
Duct Tape
Shout Wipes (I think I’m going to take these out, though, so I can take them to work, where I actually care if I spill.)
Tick Removal Kit

Sink Cabinet
Fresh and Waste Water Hoses (For the rare cases when we have hookups.)
A Couple of Small Propane Cans
Coleman Adapter Hose (So we can hook our camp stove to a 20# propane tank. Much more practical.)

Small American Flag (I’m not “rah-rah” patriotic, but camping makes me happy to have the freedoms I so often take for granted. John’s not sold on this, even though his Mom gave it to us, haha!)

Bedding #2
Our Pillows.
2nd Set of Sheets/Towels/Washcloths (Guests bring their own pillows and blankets/covers.)

Floor Storage #1
Right in front of the door, so we can access it when the trailer is down.
Crank (To raise the tent trailer.)

Floor Storage #2
Food Bin (Someday, I’ll write another post on our favorite camping foods. We’re particular!)
Coleman Camp Stove (We don’t take the stove that came with our trailer because it’s too small.)

That’s it! We definitely don’t pack light…after all, we’re on vacation and we’re car-camping in a trailer. We are all about the comfort! Any other campers out there? Do you backpack, tent camp, trailer, RV, or any and all? Inquiring minds want to know! And please share any good camping areas that are drivable from Northern California!

*Although California residents are no longer eligible to be Amazon Associates, I’ve never been one. I don’t run ads, and I don’t have any desire to “monetize” this blog. Just me and whatever I feel like writing about.